Let's face it, our kids grow up in the blink of an eye.

Have you been meaning to take family portraits but things just got busy or you worry about the time and energy it will take to get your kids to behave or smile on command?

5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Photos

Seriously, I understand. Not only am I a mom, but after over 15 years as a family photographer I know just how to get the best pictures of your kids. This is where I shine! 

And I have some great tips to help you prepare for your family photo session and feel confident that you'll get photos you'll look back on with love for years to come!

So watch the quick video with my five tips and let me know what you think!

Even if you aren't ready to book a family photography session, feel free to watch the video.  

It's my gift to you. I want you to have the best family photos ever!


“Kristin (of Blue Sky's Studio) is an amazing photographer who has been photographing my children for over 20 years. She is very professional and always makes myself and my family feel comfortable and natural!”  

-Suzanne B.


“From start to finish I had a fantastic experience with Kristin at Blue Sky's Studio. The inviting studio was filled with natural light and resulted in some amazing photos. She made everyone laugh and feel comfortable in front of the camera and the results were truly amazing.”

- Katherine L.